Many shippers of hazardous materials are unfamiliar with the variety of Emergency Response (ER) requirements, thereby exposing themselves, their organizations to punitive action. The ER requirements help first responders quickly identify the hazard(s) of the materials and protect themselves and the general public during the initial response phase of an incident during which the presence and/or identification of hazardous materials is confirmed, protective actions and area securement are initiated, and assistance of qualified personnel is requested.

The emergency response information must be provided and properly formatted to adhere to all regulatory issues. At ATP, we ensure that your Emergency Response information meets all federal regulations and that first responders have the required information to be effective and compliant, in order to maximize safety in every emergency scenario.

  • It can be entered on the hazmat shipping papers; or
  • It can be provided in another document, other than the shipping paper, that includes the basic description (and technical name if appropriate) of the hazardous material. A Safety Data Sheet is an example of this type of document; or
  • It can be provided in a separate document, other than the shipping paper, that cross-references the description of the hazardous material on the shipping paper with the emergency response information contained in the document. The ERG is an example of this type of document.