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ATP offers packaging and crating solutions for all modes of transportation. From the smallest delicate instruments to large complex multiple pieces ATP has the solution for you. ATP starts with the best grades of lumber and materials to ensure the integrity and protection of your contents no matter the environment it will be traveling to. All crates manufactured at ATP are stamped in compliance of ISPM 15 for international shipping. For more information on ISPM 15/IPPC Certification and Inspection please visit and

ATP Has All Materials Onhand For Fully Customized Designs

Fiberboard Box

  • Cost-effective alternative for products that don’t require quite the strength and durability that wood crating provides
  • Sturdy construction to withstand basic handling
  • A variety of sizes and strengths according to the needs of the product

ATP cargo boxes
Wooden Crate

  • Custom wooden crates for any size cargo
  • Heavy Duty bases for oversize/heavyweight cargo
  • Internal cushioning/packing/foam/bubble wrap when needed
  • Reusable crates with latch closure method
  • Unloading ramp for cargo that needs to be rolled out of crate

ATP cargo boxes
Heavy Duty Pallets and/or Skids

  • Custom design of heavy duty skids for any oversized or overweight cargo
  • Half crate/half skid – when only the bottom needs protecting from fork blades
  • Size and materials used are in accordance with the intended use for worldwide shipping or storage

ATP cargo boxes

Ocean Freight:

  • Loading and Unloading
  • Secure container preparation – all services
  • Blocking, bracing, dunnage  & vehicle strapping
  • Dangerous goods certification

ATP cargo boxes