Dear all,
We learned today that the Office of the Federal Register, based on the Executive Order from the new administration, has withdrawn the rulemaking HM-215N. This of course raises many questions about the new provisions in the ICAO Technical Instructions / DGR, e.g. engines, now being UN 3528 for flammable liquid powered and the application of USG-13 with the limit of 25 kg per compartment on passenger aircraft. For the time being the transition from UN 3166 to UN 3528 is available until 31 March 2017 operators should encourage shippers to continue using UN 3166 for
shipments to, from the US. Within the US of course UN 3166 is the only UN number, so that is not an issue.

US DOT PHMSA will be considering what the options are to move forward with the harmonisation of 49 CFR to the international regulations. As more information become available we will let you know.