One of our secrets to the success of ATP is the ability to see the needs in special projects or anything that demands the out of the ordinary. When asked questions that start with “can you” we routinely are eager to say “yes we can”. Some of these projects have brought us many places around the world such as removing antennas from the downtown rooftop in Prague via helicopter to building oversized cargo in our own back tarmac for charters.
With our proximity to the gateway of Washington Dulles International Airport, our 40,000+ square foot warehouse, large tarmac for oversized cargo and knowledgeable team, this just creates the best of scenarios when time and need is of the essence.

Onsite removal and transport preparation of equipment in Morocco, Greece, Sri Lanka and Greenville, NC.

overweight-transportOverweight container of concrete to be transported by special permit using a RGN trailer with cribbing….
The special projects have led ATP into many lasting relationships because of the confidence the client has in ATP to find those solutions to complete the mission at hand.
We have outstanding references and past performances with our special projects. For further information please contact