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ATP offers many solutions to your packaging. Whether it is from the most sensitive and fragile products requiring foam protection to large oversized heavy duty crates we have you covered. ATP has a full service packaging and crating department with all services to specialize your needs in preparing electronics/fragile, diplomatic/security shipments, vehicles, vapor barrier sealing, special exterior crate painting and just about everything in between. Because ATP specializes in custom work, this allows us to take your product and develop the best method of protection to alleviate any damages occurring during transit.

ATP Packing Specialists for Over 25 Years

Vacuum/Vapor Barrier packing for the most protection against moisture

  • Desiccant bags containing silica gel or clay
  • Maintains a 20 to 30 percent humidity factor for a period of 18 to 24 months
  • All seams are hermetically sealed
  • Excess air is evacuated with the use of a vacuum prior to the final seal

Specialty Tri-wall Fiberboard crates made of 37% recycled materials

  • When you need the weight to be lighter but still need protection
  • Collapsible walls for easy storage

Molded Foam products designed for your cargo’s protection

  • Engineered by one of our professionals to create a foam inner cradle, bumper or overall protection. Especially beneficial when you ship the same product continuously

UN4D Plywood Box

  • United Nations/DOT/IMDG/ICAO/IATA Performance Certified for Transport of Dangerous Goods

Shock Absorbent Bases

  • Various methods of alleviating a shock or heavy vibration to sensitive product

Trade Show Crates

  • Reusable crates designed specifically to your trade show materials

Packaging Solutions for Perishable Shipments include: See our Dangerous Goods Section

  • Dry Ice
  • Wet Ice
  • Custom made or standard insulated containers
  • Cool Storage
  • Re-icing services as needed
Marketing photos for ATP

ATP cargo boxes

Marketing photos for ATP